About ICJ


imagesK3622M13ICJ is an organization of attorneys devoted to securing justice for young people in Kentucky by partnering effectively with others to deliver professional, holistic and zealous legal advocacy, to educate the public and members of the legal community and to advocate for policy reform.


ICJ has established a strong legal team in order to effectively represent children, families and young adults on critical legal issues that impact children and youth in our child welfare, family, juvenile and criminal justice systems. ICJ legal representation includes school-based advocacy and securing access to critical services including health care and housing. Successful legal advocacy for children and young adults requires partnerships with families, lawyers, youth, community advocates and other system stakeholders. Multi-disciplinary, holistic legal representation leads to better outcomes for our children and youth. We bridge the justice gap by providing affordable legal services to low and moderate income clients. ICJ provides necessary legal representation regardless of ability to pay.


ICJ attorneys share advances in youth justice issues through broad educational efforts. In partnership with a variety of community advocacy organizations, efforts address the entire community about the rights and needs of children, families and young adults.


ICJ Attorneys and partners pursue legislative and regulatory reform to ensure that our legal system treats children and adults compassionately. Structural and systemic reform are a critical part of these efforts, including ending implicit and structural racial and cultural biases.



  • Justice can only be achieved when the Law is practiced with compassion and responds intelligently to the realities of youthful immaturity.
  • All children and young adults deserve to be treated justly, regardless of economic status, ethnic or racial background, gender or sexual orientation, religious practice or beliefs, or disability status.
  • Children and young adults deserve protection and compassionate treatment to be held appropriately accountable for their actions.
  • Families need support to help raise their children well.
  • Successful legal advocacy for children and young adults requires partnerships between young adults, families, lawyers, community advocates and system stakeholders. It really does “take a village.”