ICJ Represented at Lexington Fatherhood Initiative Cook Out

On Saturday June 17th, the ICJ set up a table at the Lexington Fatherhood Initiative’s Father’s Day Cookout held at Douglass Park. There were other tables and tents, live musical performances, clowns and mascots and many organizations and families there to celebrate Father’s Day. Our goal at the cookout was to inform parents about the rights that their children have in school. Each parent that came to the ICJ’s table expressed the importance of having access to the information we were providing and they were very thankful to know important legal information about how schools should be handling their children in the face of bullying, harassment, and concerning the zero-tolerance policy.

It was important that the predominantly African American crowd had access to knowledge about their children’s rights in school. Unfortunately, their children are the ones who are more prone to encounter the issues that we were providing information about. It is equally important that schools do not provide misleading or incomplete information to parents to cover their own mishandling of situations.  ICJ’s role is to ensure that schools show at risk children compassion. The schools that get away with breaking the law, in some situations, do so in order to get rid of a troubled child or as a way of showing a lack of compassion towards children from a specific demographic. By attending the Father’s Day cookout, ICJ set out to inform parents and children about how they should be treated by the schools. It is easier for schools to get away with violations when the parents and children are all oblivious to the law and how they’re supposed to be treated. We’re hoping that our presence at the cookout was a good step in the direction of making sure that families know their rights and are more equipped to combat injustice.

By: Michael Roman

University of Kentucky College of Law, J.D. Candidate, 2019

ICJ Law Clerk